New Production Model: H01 Chamber Dryer with Multifunctional Tray Trolley

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Apple Pomace Powder Creates a Pleasant Home Environment

See. Feel. Smell. Experience. Organoid Technologies GmbH, Tirol, Austria, manufactures natural surfaces for diverse purposes...
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Sludge Drying to Save Cost

Besides several retained water dryers, the surface finishing company HEICHE uses a sludge drying system for filter-pressed electroplating sludge. Normally, such sludge still contains about 50 percent water after pressing. Sludge drying pays off quickly if waste disposal prices are high. Dried sludge is sometimes awarded a better classification. Even recycling might be possible for certain types of sludge. There are many opportunities.
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Reliable Drying of Bulk Material

Our customer, the Swiss VERZINKEREI KRIESSERN, invested in in-barrel dryers for higher throughput. The HARTER dryers integrated in the process chain are capable of drying material inside the galvanizing barrel. This application comprises two in-barrel dryers for one double barrel pack each.
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Trolley Dryer H01 – New Small Series Model

Learn more about our new small series model – the multifunctional AIRGENEX®food Trolley Dryer H01. It is an ideal solution for batches of quality food!
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Non-compressed Air Blowoff Boosts Drying

Blowoff before or in addition to condensation drying is used where items have a particularly complex geometry or cycle times are short. Purpose designed blowoff nozzles are integrated in the dryer to dry items such as coated metal parts at cycle times of 10 min and over, while coated plastics processed at extremely short cycle times are normally subjected to blowoff in a separate station and then moved into the dryer for stain-free finish drying. Special fans provide the perfect air knife.
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Efficient Drying of Exterior Truck Parts

Drying and flashing off water-based paints is a time and energy consuming job to do. The Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania gives an example of how much a change in the drying process may improve the situation.
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Sludge Drying after Flue Gas Cleaning

Heat pump based condensation drying has also attracted more and more interest by the waste incineration business. Read more about sludge drying after flue gas cleaning:
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Drying and Cooling after Sterilisation

A renowned pharmaceutical company relies, once again, on Harter's drying technology. An AIRGENEX®med system was installed in a new production facility for dialysis solutions. The system features two drying-cooling tunnels downstream the existing sterilisers. In these tunnels, the 1000 ml polyethylene containers leaving the steriliser are first dried externally, and the solution inside cooled subsequently.
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Reliable Drying of Stand-Up Pouches

A pet food manufacturer used air blowing techniques to dry his pasteurized stand-up pouches. These techniques failed to produce the required results which posed a problem for subsequent secondary packaging. A new processing facility had an Airgenex® condensation drying system installed which meets the operator's residual humidity requirement of less than 150 mg of water per pouch. The 140 mm long, 93 mm wide, 15 mm thick stand-up pouches contain about 100 grams of pet food. The fully automatic, robot controlled facility has a throughput of 700 pouches per minute.
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Drying Packed Salami-Snacks

A well-known manufacturer of sausage snacks produces boiled sausages for the UK market. Following pasteurization the packaged snacks are humid and hot. Today, the mini salamis are gently dried at 50 °C and then cooled to 38 °C in a batch dryer – a whole pallet with all boxes at a time.
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