New Production Model: H01 Chamber Dryer with Multifunctional Tray Trolley

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Flashing-off and Curing

Sick AG Sensor Intelligence has a new production line with a HARTER combined dryer installed. The dryer has two zones for processing painted sensor housings, one for initially flashing-off and one for finish curing the paint.
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Surface Engineering Exhibition in Shanghai

This year again we will be exhibiting at the SF China together with our Chinese business partner GSTC Surface Technology Co. Ltd. in order to extend our activities in the area.
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Saving Money through proper Drying

There is a lot of energy in humid warm air. Many companies dispose of it virtually through roof. By the use of a Harter condensation drying system that energy may be recuperated. An example:
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ZLV Packaging Conference on 17./18.09.2015

Primary and secondary packages from plastic, glass or other materials which have undergone cleaning, pasteurization or sterilization must be reliably dried for subsequent printing, labelling, final packaging or further processing. For this reason we will take part at the Packaging Conference of the German-based ZLV food and packaging association in D-Kempten.
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Surface Treatment Congress in Berlin

The German association of electroplating and surface treatment will be holding their annual congress in Berlin from 23 – 25 September which we will join as well. This time not only as an exhibitor...
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50°C and everything dry

Sounds unbelievable, but they still exist: Vented dryers blowing precious energy into the environment and leaving the parts to be dried moist. But not with HARTER...
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Surface World Show in Birmingham; 23rd -24th September 2015

For the second time Harter will be exhibiting at the Surface World Show in Birmingham. In cooperation with UK partner Mervyn Brown, Haven Ltd., Norbert Fessler will present the condensation drying method on heat pump basis for the UK market. In a speech further technical details of the energy-saving drying technology will be illustrated.
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Drying Sea Buckthorn in Mongolia

16 batches of sea buckthorn pomace are dried at a time in 16 containers at two levels. The drying system design allows 1 m³ of pomace resulting from two hours production to be loaded in one container.
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Spring in lovely Allgäu

We used the wonderful springtime to showcase our corporate building and our team. In our idyllic environment we can perfectly allow our creativity and our expert knowledge to unfold.
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Apple Rings with Intense Aroma

An Austrian cider press operator uses a HARTER cabinet dryer for drying apples cut into rings without the use of any additives. These apple rings are packed after drying and marketed as a dry fruit snack.
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