New Production Model: H01 Chamber Dryer with Multifunctional Tray Trolley

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Harter wins galvanic award

For innovative and ecological achievements in the field of plant engineering and construction Harter was awarded with the newly introduced galvanic prize of the DGO group Saxo-Thuringia (German ...
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Energy-saving drying plants in the pharmaceutic industry

In 2009 with their innovative drying technology Harter accomplished to gain a foothold in a new branch. By employment of the individually adapted Airgenex® drying system pharmaceutical products are ...
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Converting a paint shop to waterborne paint

A contract painting company needed a suitable drying system to allow it to change over to using a waterborne paint. The dehumidification unit and drying tunnel that it selected enable the paint to be ...
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75% CO2 reduction by means of Airgenex® condensation drying

The Airgenex® condensation process from HARTER offers a product for the highly energy-intensive sector of the industrial parts drying, which not only offers an ecological benefit, but also a decisive ...
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Higher output, little space required

Drying water-based paint on engines. With a new plant for drying water-based paint, MTU in Friedrichshafen could reduce the previous drying time of twelve hours to a maximum of one hour and the ...
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