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Sludge Drying to Save Cost

Besides several retained water dryers, the surface finishing company HEICHE uses a sludge drying system for filter-pressed electroplating sludge. Normally, such sludge still contains about 50 percent water after pressing. Sludge drying pays off quickly if waste disposal prices are high. Dried sludge is sometimes awarded a better classification. Even recycling might be possible for certain types of sludge. There are many opportunities. For HEICHE a container drying system was designed for continued use of their existing containers. Following pressing, the sludge containers are loaded into the drying chamber. Our type Drymex® S 6,5 dryer has two drying chambers for simultaneous use in this application. Three tons of sludge accumulate with HEICHE each working day. 1.5 tons each are uniformly dried at 50 °C max. within 12 hours to obtain a dry matter content of 85 percent. The water extraction rate is 70 litres per hour. 0.4 kWh are needed to extract 1 litre of water.