New Production Model: H01 Chamber Dryer with Multifunctional Tray Trolley

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Reliable Drying of Bulk Material

Our customer, the Swiss VERZINKEREI KRIESSERN, invested in in-barrel dryers for higher throughput. The HARTER dryers integrated in the process chain are capable of drying material inside the galvanizing barrel. This application comprises two in-barrel dryers for one double barrel pack each. Immediately following the last rinsing stage, the barrels are loaded into the dryer and dried completely, reliably and gently within 10 minutes. The drying temperature is about 70 °C. While being dried, the barrels are subjected to minimal movement. Each dryer includes an automatic lid system as a standard feature to retain the precious heat in the system. Each dryer also includes four recirculation fans with a connected load of 1.6 kW each. Attached to each dryer is a so-called Airgenex® module to condition the process air. The total connected load of each dryer is 14.45 kW. The two heat pump based condensation dryers have demonstrated to consume 60 percent less energy than comparable exhaust type dryers.