New Production Model: H01 Chamber Dryer with Multifunctional Tray Trolley

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Apple Pomace Powder Creates a Pleasant Home Environment

See. Feel. Smell. Experience. Organoid Technologies GmbH, Tirol, Austria, manufactures natural surfaces for diverse purposes...
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Membership in GDL e.V.

The Gesellschaft Deutscher Lebensmitteltechnologen (Association of German Food Technologists) has some 1,300 members presently including a multitude of industrial enterprises and universities. It is also a wonderful platform for us to expand our network and to advertise our technology in this growing trade.
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Surface Finishing Congress in Leipzig 19-21 Sep 2018

Harter will again exhibit at this year’s surface finishing congress hosted by ZVO (Zentralverband Oberflächentechnik/Central Surface Finishing Association). Reinhold Specht will give a lecture on drying in surface finishing applications and on sludge drying Friday 21 Sep 2018.
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Food Technology Congress in Bremerhaven 11-13 Oct 2018

Harter will exhibit, for the first time, at the Gesellschaft Deutscher Lebenmitteltechnologen (Society of German Food Technologists) congress where the latest research findings will be presented and discussed. Also, Jochen Schumacher will report on gentle drying of food to present our technology to the professional audience.
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New Market - Poland

Our Polish representative Jeremi Rogalewski attended the two-day annual conference of the Polish electroplating association PTG. There is an ever growing awareness among Polish electroplaters of the importance of fast, gentle and stain-free drying because it gives them a competitive edge. Poland has become increasingly interested in up-to-date fabrication processes in line with their endeavour for providing best quality to customers in sectors such as the automotive, aircraft, electromechanics etc.
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12 Hour Sponsorship Run

The Oberstaufen-Westallgaeu Lions Club organized a sponsorship run at Lindenberg im Allgaeu this year again. Several teams of eight runners each took turns to complete the lap in a total of 12 hours. Running, jogging and walking was facilitated by perfect weather conditions, people in good spirits, with music playing and food & drink provided. Harter sponsored the Run4Fun team that included Harter staff members.
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Successful Surface Technology

Our second exhibition this year was also a great success. Many new contacts – among them quite a few from abroad – but also existing customers and, of course, a number of “friends of the family” came to see us. Our presence at the fair was topped off by our traditional Allgaeu Day. So, it was not all business but also delicate food and drink in a comfortable and cheerful atmosphere.
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Sludge Drying to Save Cost

Besides several retained water dryers, the surface finishing company HEICHE uses a sludge drying system for filter-pressed electroplating sludge. Normally, such sludge still contains about 50 percent water after pressing. Sludge drying pays off quickly if waste disposal prices are high. Dried sludge is sometimes awarded a better classification. Even recycling might be possible for certain types of sludge. There are many opportunities.
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Reliable Drying of Bulk Material

Our customer, the Swiss VERZINKEREI KRIESSERN, invested in in-barrel dryers for higher throughput. The HARTER dryers integrated in the process chain are capable of drying material inside the galvanizing barrel. This application comprises two in-barrel dryers for one double barrel pack each.
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Food Congress in France, 20th - 21st June 2018

For the first time, we will be represented with our new partner at the JAS International Food & Innovation Gathering at La Rochelle, France. We look forward to finding new contacts in the food and food supplement field of our neighboring country.
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