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Drying Systems for Packages

We develop and manufacture drying systems both for batch and continuous operation adjusting our technology to meet your specifications. We run preliminary drying tests in our pilot plant station to determine the specific parameters for successful drying.

The basis for successful drying is a perfect combination of air dehumidification and air routeing. Extremely dry and, thus, unsaturated air at low temperatures is routed exactly to the place where it is supposed to absorb humidity. This process – our heat pump based condensation drying - is implemented in various types of systems.

Air Blowing and Drying

In some applications, we offer a non-compressed air blowing technology. It uses purpose developed blowing nozzles. Air blowing may be implemented as a preliminary stage to drying proper or as a separate blowing station.

Cooling Systems and Drying-Cooling-Systems

With minor modification, our Airgenex® system may also be used for cooling if desired or required by the specific process. Owing to its physical approach heat pump based condensation drying is a process which may easily be used for both drying and cooling.

Your Application is Different?

You will surely understand that, with more than thousand drying systems installed, we cannot possibly list all our potential applications. If your application is not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to give you advice without engagement on your part!