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Our way of drying is very special

Very fast

Airgenex® condensation drying saves you 50% of time required by conventional drying methods, such as hot air drying or simple fan-based systems. You will be surprised how much we can reduce your drying time!

Very efficient

The heart of the Airgenex® dryer is a highly efficient heat pump based dehumidification module. Components installed are the best available, some of them purpose built for us, and are made from high grade materials. We combine air dehumidification with sophisticated air routeing such that the dry process air is directed only to where it is supposed to absorb humidity. Also, drying is effected in a closed system with heat recuperation. This makes drying take full effect while being extremely cost effective.

Very gentle

Airgenex® dries products or materials at low temperatures between 20°C and 90°C as required for the specific application. This low temperature drying prevents undesired heating of the materials and products. Stain-free parts and reduced reject quantity means higher productivity for you.

Very reliable

The dehumidification process takes place in a system which is closed in terms of thermal energy. Our drying systems are thus completely independent of effects of the climate and the weather. This ensures highest process reliability for you. Plus you are on the safe side if production quantities need to be raised.

Optimisation of existing drying systems

You have an existing drying system which does not or not fully meet your requirements? Contact us and we might find ways of upgrading your process chain by installing an Airgenex® dryer.