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Paint Drying - Forced Water Evaporation from Aqueous Paints

Fast and Gentle Drying at Low Temperatures

Drying of water evaporation from aqueous paints takes a lot of time and energy. You may enhance the efficiency of your coating line by drying at low temperature and with extremely dry air in a closed system. Low temperatures are essential when it comes to drying paint. This is what heat pump condensation drying can provide. Painted surfaces dry uniformly and from the inside out. Water evaporates from the paint by physical action, which is very fast. Once the water has evaporated, the paint may cure chemicals.

Changing to Waterborne Paint

If you intend to change from solvent to waterborne paint you will quickly run into trouble.
Waterborne paint needs to dwell in the evaporation zone much longer than solventborne paint. This problem may be relieved by "Airgenex® heat pump based condensation drying". One prominent example of such an application is a supplier to the automotive industry who has his paint coated plastic mirror housings now dried by our Airgenex® at 40°C within 2.5 minutes and subsequently cooled to ambient temperature within 3 minutes. Problem solved!

High Process Reliability

Our condensation drying systems are closed, with no exhaust air. Constant drying parameters independent of the weather produce consistent drying results. Highest process reliability is ensured independent of the seasons and the climate.

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