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Drying of Racked Products

We have grown big with rack drying.

Airgenex® rack dryers have made up most of our engineering and manufacture for many years. This is where our roots lie.

We build rack dryers from polypropylene or stainless steel and combine them with our Airgenex® dehumidification technology. We design the dryers such that they can accommodate the maximum dimensions of your products and fit in the space provided by your facility.

The dryers have an in-built air recirculation system that provides the required quantity of air. Airflow and air speed are chosen to meet the product surface texture and geometry requirements.

A pneumatic cover system prevents escape of air into the production area, thus ensuring a closed recirculation system

Non-compressed Air Blowoff

Non-compressed air blowoff is used as required to achieve very short cycle times and/or to dry items of complex geometry. Such additional blowoff is provided at a preliminary stage to drying proper. Blowoff may be applied inside the dryer together with condensation drying. Racks may be blown off as they enter the dryer. Sometimes, blowoff is applied above the last rinse tank such that water blown off returns to the tank. Alternatively, a separate blowoff station may be installed. Such stations include movable nozzles. Powerful fans provide the perfect air knife. Blowoff stations were developed for stain-free drying of plastic items. The airflow rate produced by the air knives is always infinitely controllable – items have water blown off as best as possible and always remain in place.





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