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Your Benefits

Less Weight, less Volume, less Costs

The use of our Drymex® sludge drying technology will reduce the weight and volume of your sludge by as much as 60 percent. You may thus cut down your disposal cost by and equivalent 60 percent, at best.

The right Air at the right Place

The perfect combination of extremely dry air and adequate air routeing ensures uniform, efficient and reliable sludge drying.

Efficiency and low Temperatures

Our heat pump system makes air dehumidification highly efficient. Drymex® sludge dryers operate at low temperatures between 20 °C and 50 °C.

Closed Circuit

Drying is basically accomplished in a closed system which makes it almost emission free. The closed circuit helps to further raise the efficiency of the process.

Lasting Value, Robustness, Reliability

What you get is a top quality and reliable system which pays off very quickly because you save so much cost for sludgy disposal.

Better Classification and Resource Recovery

Once dried, sludge may be eligible for better classification. Also, individual substances may be recovered. There's potential waiting to be tapped!

To Be on the Safe Side - HARTER Pilot Plant Station

The HARTER Pilot Plant Station offers an opportunity for you to have the drying properties of your sludge tested. You can witness how efficient our technology is for your product!