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Drymex® - Standard Drying M-LINE

M-Line dryers are standardised sludge dryers with standard container sizes. We employ a sophisticated combination of powerful dehumidification and targeted air routeing to obtain consistent and reproducible drying results for each batch size.

Drying is accomplished in a closed system which is fully independent from environmental factors.

The system is operated in fully automatic mode through electronic humidity control. The dryer shuts down automatically once the desired degree of drying is achieved.

Drymex® ModuleWater Extraction Rate l/24hUseful Container Volume [m³]
M1500.12 m³
M21250.25 m³
M32500.5 m³
M45001.0 m³
M57701.5 m³
- Insulated drying cabinet
- Heat Pump
- Automatic shut-down once the desired degree of drying is achieved
- Air cooler core tubes made from corrosion resistant steel
- Fins made from epoxy resin coated aluminium
- Cabinet bottom, air duct and sludge container made from 1.4301 corrosion resistant steel
- Frame made from powder coated aluminium
- Housing made from anodised aluminium
- Two sludge containers can be emptied using a forklift with roating attachment
- Tipping provision for sludge containers
- Airflow rate control for optimum dehumidification; this is a reasonable provision where filling heights vary largely or where various sludges with largely varying response to ventilation are to be dried