Medical Hemp: Gentle Drying of Cannabis Buds

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Low temperature for gentle processing

Your product is sensitive and require very gentle processing. In terms of drying, this is achieved by highly efficient dehumidification at low temperatures between 20 °C und 90 °C as required for the specific application. This absolutely stress-free low temperature drying prevents undesired heating of the materials and products.

High process reliability

Drying with AIRGENEX®med in the closed system ensures constant parameters, such as temperature, time, humidity, air speed and airflow rate, and makes your process independent of ambient environmental conditions. The drying system operates reliably, stabilises your production flow and, as a result, optimises your process. AIRGENEX®med is the answer to any quality issue in the drying process.

High Efficiency

The use of heat pump technology for air dehumidification makes AIRGENEX®med highly efficient. Top quality drying results at short times are achieved by a perfect combination of air conditioning and air routeing fine-tuned to suit the requirements of the specific product.

Independent Technology

AIRGENEX®med drying does not entail any interchange with ambient air. The system is emission-free and does not impair clean-room and production environments. Also, AIRGENEX®med drying systems are independent of the plant infrastructure.

Qualification and Validation

Our GMP service is available either as a complete package or as an individual service:

_ Preparation of specific design documents for the system including its controls:
  · Design specification
  · Functional specification
  · Hardware design specification
  · Software design specification

_ Qualification Process:
  · Design qualification
  · Installation qualification
  · Functional qualification
  · FAT and SAT plus documentation

Trial Drying for Best Results

Our services offered include series of tests in our pilot plant station. In these tests, we learn about your process and your product and merge our core and professional competencies with your experience. Do you want to learn more about our pilot plant station?

Cooling systems and combined drying-cooling systems

With minor modification, our AIRGENEX®med system may also be used for cooling if desired or required by your process. We have already realised many combined drying-cooling systems. We also offer to devise energy-efficient concepts for reuse of waste energy from the cooling process in other processes of your company.