Medical Hemp: Gentle Drying of Cannabis Buds

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The success of our drying is based on a nifty combination of air conditioning and air routeing. We provide the best drying results to you by directing extremely dry air exactly to or over the products to be dried.

(1) Airgenex® dehumidification technology / drier interface - Humid air is extracted from the drying chamber and passed to the dehumidification module.

(2) The precooler, which is also used as a preheater (4), with on energy input, is an option. Its profitability depends on the desired drying temperature.

(3) The moisture precipitates on the air cooler fins, and the condensate water leaves the system through the condensate collector and the condensate drain.

(4) The cooled, dehumidified air is preheated, with no energy input, by the optional preheater (2).

(5) The air heater raises the air temperature to the level required for the process.

(6) The process air fan provides the required air circulation between the Airgenex® dehumidification technology and the drying chamber.

(7) The dried, unsaturated air is now returned to the drying chamber and absorbs the moisture from the product.

The loop is thus closed.