Medical Hemp: Gentle Drying of Cannabis Buds

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Trolley Dryer für Medical Hemp / Cannabis Buds

Many countries have adopted statutory regulations allowing the cultivation and processing of cannabis for medical purposes. Others are about to follow suit and make the necessary preparations. We are already prepared!

Those who want to subject cannabis buds to extraction or want to condition cannabis buds to preserve and transport them will find themselves confronted with the drying issue. Cannabis buds must be dried in a gentle, reliable and, of course, uniform manner. Our way of drying fulfils all these requirements – and in an efficient manner on top of it!

> gentle through low processing temperatures
> reliable through drying in a closed system
> uniform through an evenly directed airflow
> efficient through heat pump technology

In co-operation with one of the leading cannabis specialists we have developed a trolley dryer perfectly suited to dry the sensitive buds. Some of these dryers are already in operation.

Specifications of H01

  • Drying chamber made from stainless steel, sound and heat insulated
    • Two recirculation fans providing 5,000 m³/h of air each, airflow rate controllable
  • Dehumidification module made from stainless steel, sound and heat insulated, with heat exchanger system
    • One recirculation fan providing 2,000 m³/h of air
  • Useful volume designed for europallets – 1,200 mm long, 800 mm wide, 1,950 mm high
  • Control - Simatic S7-1200 processor and Simatic KTP700 Basic HMI
  • Stainless steel trolley for bulk material with 200 mm max. fill level
    • Perforated pans from stainless steel or plastic
    • Various sizes available


Process Parameters

Drying time                                         24 to 48 h
Residual humidity                              may be selected as required for further processing
Drying temperature                            15 °C to 40 °C
Recirculation airflow rate                   2,000 to 11,000 m³/h

All process parameters are time, temperature or relative humidity controllable and may be stored as recipes.

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Temperature equalization (no drying)         100 °C max. for decarboxylation or other purposes

Rehumidification                                         2 l/h

Other Advantages

_ Higher product quality in terms of bioactivity, aroma and ingredients through closed system
_ Condensate may be collected.
_ High process confidence through controllable and constant process parameters
_ Higher throughput may be obtained easily. The system may be enlarged every direction.

The trolley dryer may also be a building block of a process in conformance with GMP requirements.

Refer to THE PROCESS for details of how our drying system works.

A detailed press report is available here.

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