Medical Hemp: Gentle Drying of Cannabis Buds

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Belt Dryers for Viscous Materials and the like

High Requirements

Pharmaceutical products such as viscous materials, semi-fluids or pastes may also undergo uniform and gentle drying in continuous operation. Drying on a belt in automatic mode has its specific requirements and challenges. We design our dehumidification technology to perfectly suit your product and throughput. Customised air routeing is critical to ensure that continuous drying is accomplished within the desired time period and at an optimum temperature. Even the driest air is of no avail unless directed to the spot where humidity if to be absorbed. This is a challenge we meet.

In the Closed System

Continuous drying on a belt involves openings at the entrance and exit ends. Such openings must be considered when calculating the water absorption performance. We always try to minimise openings in the drying space to prevent undesired air loss and to keep the system as closed as possible. Air routeing is designed to suit the product and its properties and to meet your requirements.

Determination of Process Parameters

Tests in our pilot plant station are used to determine the specific process parameters such as belt length, belt speed and air routeing. We will then closely co-operate with you in realising a successful drying solution!