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Chamber Dryer in Batch Operation

Manual Drying Operation

The products to be dried are placed in baskets or on trays stacked on a trolley or on a pallet. The trolley or pallet is manually loaded into the drying chamber where the products are gently dried, within the desired time and at low temperatures, to achieve the desired degree of dryness.

Batch Quantities

You specify the quantity or number of products to be dried, or the quantity is calculated from the desired production quantity. Drying chambers may have various sizes. Our standard size is designed to accommodate a Europallet. Alternatively, your drying chamber may of course be sized to meet your specific requirements.

Reliable Drying of High Fill Levels

Successful drying of bulk material is inherently a big challenge – and we are experts in meeting it! We have proved our competence in various projects. You can dry your products in a fast, reliable and gentle way with our unparalleled combination of extremely dry air and targeted air routeing. This perfect combination is unique!

Flexible System Design

Drying systems including multiple chambers may, of course, also be operated in single chamber mode, if desired or required. So, you are absolutely free to use our multiple chamber dryers in whatever mode.

Advantages over Continuous Dryers

Batch dryers are not only less cost-intensive than belt dryers. They have other advantages on top. Projects realized have demonstrated that batch processes may be relatively easy. Examples: There is no need for product separation for placement on a belt; a full pallet of autoclaved products may be dried immediately at a time. If you are considering which process to choose, we will be pleased to furnish information about the pros and cons, or to run tests to facilitate your decision-making.