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Our Way of Drying is very special

Low temperatures

Heat pump based condensation drying is capable of drying your products at temperatures variable between 20 °C and 75 °C. Temperatures up to 100 °C may be selected. Using low temperatures is a gentle way of drying your food. Drying is absolutely stress-free for your product.

Reliable and Efficient

AIRGENEX®food dryers ensure high efficiency of the drying process. Heat pump technology is used for air dehumidification. The drying operation is reliable and stabilizes your production process, thus contributing to optimizing the process.

Closed system

HARTER drying systems are basically closed – no interchange with ambient air and, thus, no dependence from the climate. This helps to achieve positive results in terms of bioactivity, aromas and appearance. Sulphurization or addition of ascorbic acid to retain colour, for example, is not required. The dried products do not require any additional flavouring.

Valuable Condensate

Projects realized so far have shown that the condensates obtained may contain volatile aromas and flavours. Harter’s condensation drying always puts you in a position to recycle the valuable condensate or its ingredients.

Less time, less energy

Compared with exhaust air dryers and conventional fan-based systems, our AIRGENEX®food dryers require much less time for drying, which is, of course, dependent upon the drying temperature and the texture of the product to be dried. This is achieved by using the alternative physical approach of heat pump based condensation drying. Optimum air conditioning and air routeing ensure energy and, thus, cost savings.

Combining Drying and Cooling

Our dryers may be easily modified for additional cooling if desired or required by the process. Quite a few combined drying-cooling systems are already in operation. We will also be happy to elaborate energy efficiency concepts, for example to return waste energy from cooling into other processes in your company.

Always the Suitable Drying Solution

Many years of experience in and know-how of many hundreds of drying applications ensure that you get the solutions exactly suiting your product and your production process. This is the only way to success for you, the customer, and us, the supplier.