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Fruits & Vegetables

are gently dried at the desired / optimum temperature, which is normally between 35 °C and 65 °C.


are dried at temperatures below 42 °C to preserve vitamins and protein structures. This way, crudités actually remain in an uncooked state – with all its benefits for your special product idea.

Shell Nuts

We minimise the residual humidity in the relatively dry nuts either to best prepare them for grinding or to enhance their shelf life.

Germed Seeds

Our gentle drying helps to preserve or condition your germed seeds for further processing.

Ungermed Seeds

Gentle drying of bulk material such as seeds is one of our specialties. We do this by drying in a barrel with minimum intermittent movement or by drying in a tray trolley dryer. Our customized air routeing system always ensures uniform drying.

Grasses & Herbs

Our gentle low temperature drying helps to best manufacture your products. Applications are manifold and individual. So are our drying solutions.

Digested Residue & Pomace

Do you need a drying system for a planned up-cycle product? We can help you develop a new valuable product from what seems to be waste material.

Meat & Sausages

Do you wish to create a new snack? Sausage chips, salami chips, ham chips or dried meat, meat chips, beef jerky or any other odd idea – taking us as your technology partner will be a large step towards advancing your plan!

Feed / Pet Food

Are you looking for a low temperature drying system to preserve valuable ingredients in your products? Or do you want to find a system to make your product sterile so that you need higher temperatures? We can offer solutions to meet any challenge!

Packaged Food

For details of drying packaged food click here.

You have a product other than above?

We are an innovative team and appreciate new tasks. Give us a chance to test your product in our pilot plant station, without any engagement. Contact us – we shall be pleased to offer non-committal consultation!



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