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In-Container Drying / Bulk Material Drying / Chamber Dryers

Drying takes place in a drying space. This space may be an individual chamber or multiple side-by-side chambers. The products to be dried are placed in one or more containers which are loaded in the applicable chamber for drying and removed from the chamber upon completion of drying. In-container drying is ideally suited for shell nuts, legumes or similar products. For pomace, in-barrel drying is recommended.

Keyword „Ventilatability“

Our containers have a special perforated bottom. The air recirculation system in the drying chamber can thus pass dry air through the bulk material inside the container. The perfect combination of dehumidification and customised air routing ensures complete, uniform and gentle drying of you products in the container. The acceptable fill level is determined by drying tests in our pilot plant station.

Flexible System Design

We offer utmost flexibility as to the system design. You may dry various products using different programme parameters. The drying system is realised as a compact unit. Where space is restricted, the drying chambers and the dehumidification module may be installed at different levels. The drying system may be designed such as to easily accommodate more/larger chambers and to raise dehumidification performance.