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Drying systems for food

We develop, design and manufacture drying systems both for batch and continuous operation. Our technology is modified to meet your specifications. All drying related parameters for your specific application are determined by prior tests in our pilot plant station.

For drying to be successful, a perfect match of air dehumidification and air routeing is required. Extremely dry, unsaturated air, at low temperatures, is routed exactly to the place where humidity is to be absorbed. This process – our heat pump based condensation drying - is applied in various types of system designs.

Our drying systems are made of stainless steel and can be cleaned in compliance with applicable food standards. We shall be pleased to meet your specific hygienic design requirements. Just contact us!

Is your application different from above?

You will certainly understand that we cannot possibly list all our drying solutions here. If your application is not covered above, please contact us. We shall be pleased to offer non-committal consultation!