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Suomalainen Engineering Consulting Oy represents us in the field of:

  • food drying

Suomalainen Engineering Consulting Oy, established in October 2012, is a project managing company and a representative of manufacturing enterprises. As a representative I am responsible for marketing. I am a graduate engineer and I cut my teeth in the metallurgical industry for six years, after which I worked as a project manager for seven years and occupied the position of Engineering Director (electronic materials) for four years. I also gathered experience in the high-tech and nanomaterials fields for three years.



Suomalainen Engineering Consulting Oy esindab meid selles piirkonnas:

  • Toidu kuivatamise

Suomalainen Engineering Consulting Oy, asutatud oktoobris 2012, tegevusvaldkond tööstusprojektide juhtimine ja tootmisseadmete esindamine ning turundus.
Diplomeeritud insenerina on mul pikk töökogemus metallurgias ning elektroonika alal projektijuhina ja tehnilise juhina. Lisaks sellele olen töötanud high-tech ja nanotehnoloogia alal.

Suomalainen Engineering Consulting Oy
Lepolantie 15 C
Fin- 00660 Helsinki


Contact person / Kontaktisik: :

Jukka Suomalainen

Phone: +358 40 5566064

Mail: suocon(at)


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