New Production Model: H01 Chamber Dryer with Multifunctional Tray Trolley

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GSTC represents us in the field of:

  • drying of surface treated products
  • drying of sludges

Hangzhou GSTC Surface Technology Co. Ltd. provides state-of-the-art German equipment and technology to the surface treatment industry in China. GSTC also provides the cooperation and communication platform for the companies in China and Europe in the field of surface treatment. As general agent of several German equipment companies in China, we do not only provide our customers with high quality equipment and convenient sales/after sales services, but are also able to provide the whole range of surface treatment technology and support, including planning of plating plants and so on.





  • 表面处理工件干燥系统
  • 污泥干燥系统

杭州集德表面技术有限公司旨在为中国的表面处理行业提供最先进, 最可靠, 最实用的德国设备和技术, 为中国与欧洲的表面处理企业提供合作和技术交流的平台.

作为德国多家表面处理相关设备在中国的总代理,我们不仅能为客户提供优质的设备和方便快捷的售前/售后服务, 而且能为客户提供延伸的技术支持, 包括表面处理车间和设备整体规划, 实验室服务和故障分析等,随时根据客户的需要, 组建专业和合适的团队, 为客户提供表面处理的一站式服务.

Hangzhou GSTC Surface Technology Co., Ltd.
No. 1368 Jianshesi Rd.

Xiaoshan Eco. & Tec. Dev. Zone
Hangzhou City

P.R. China, 311200






Ansprechpartner: Jerry Li


Phone: +86 571 8286 5811

Mail: jerry_li(at)


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