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Our Philosophy

In close co-operation with our customers, we devise ideas and solutions related to drying. We keep good customer relations and lasting partnerships with our suppliers. Our energy concept contributes to sustainably reduce pollutant emission and energy consumption by our customers. We do our job in harmony with mankind and nature.

Our Products are Different

So is our approach. Experience has told us: Standard solutions for delicate drying applications rarely produce the desired results.

We listen to you carefully and we have a good look at your product and your process. We run tests in our pilot plant station and propose a customized solution. Then it is up to you to take your decision.

Customer Service

Each individual customer, small or big, with all their requests and requirements is the focus of our attention and receives kind and competent consultation. We find it is important to provide comprehensive service and to ensure direct and fast response. Our customers have a single contact person to address to from early design to final assembly. 

Qualification and Team Building

High product quality necessitates excellent employee qualification. This is why we rely on junior staff trained on the job and continuous training of employees. We have a long tradition of training young people in commercial and technical vocations. Our success is based on the profound knowledge of the trade and the personal commitment of our employees. Regular common activities foster our team spirit and help to blend the team. And, to top it off, there is a friendly atmosphere, attractive jobs and idyllic surroundings. 

To subject

To subject Environment

Our smart, low-energy and low-emission heat pump technology helps to save energy thus becoming a building block of an advanced energy management system.

„As far as the future is concerned, the energy issue has significantly grown in importance throughout Europe. What used to be a nice-to-have when buying a dryer, namely energy saving, has become a top issue and, thus, a reason for investment. That suits us fine because our technology is perfectly riding this wave”.

Reinhold Specht, managing owner of Harter

Quality Management

All our employees do their utmost to provide the best quality to you. We established a quality management system in 2004. And we have held DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification since 2017. The growth of our company requires continuous improvement of our internal processes in order to meet our own high requirements and those of our customers.
Certificate ISO 9001:2015