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Consultation & Sales

More than 25 years of experience in drying system build has shown that careful planning and definition of requirements are key when a new facility is to be bought. This is why we focus on competent, application centred consultation with you.

Our services include the design of new dryers and the refurbishment or performance enhancement of existing drying systems. Laws, regulations and codes of practice are, of course, always complied with in this effort.

R&D with Pilot Plant Station

We have an pilot plant station where drying tests can be run. The purpose of these tests is to determine and record the parameters required for successful drying – time, humidity, temperature, air speed and air routing. Prospective customers may thus witness the performance of our drying technology. We may also build larger scale test setups, as agreed. The results obtained by such series of tests are used in subsequent design and manufacture.

Tests on Site

Exceptionally, we can offer drying tests with our rental equipment at your premises.


Our strengths are ideas and experience. 

We devise solutions to your individual drying requirements in co-operation with you.

Our project management ensures smooth progress from design, manufacture and assembly to final commissioning. You are always welcome to be integrated in the project management process so that you may know the current status of your drying solution project at any time.

Our employees responsible for your project are available for advice and support and are always prepared to respond to your every request. Latest CAD terminals, many years of experience in every field, and motivated and trained employees ensure that projection, design and manufacture are closely interlinked.